About Canoa

Beautiful Sunset Canoa Ecuador
After a day of surfing, enjoy spectacular sunsets in Canoa Ecuador

About Canoa

Unassuming and quiet, Canoa offers ample opportunity for adventure served with a large dose of laid-back, beach bum atmosphere. Located on Ecuador’s Northwest Coast, Canoa is just a 20 minute bus ride from Bahia de Caraquez, the closest large town and shopping center.

Canoa is an active fishing community and local fishing boats line the beach. You are likely to see the boats heading out for the day if you take an early morning stroll on the beach, and if you hang around to watch the Pacific sunset you’ll see the boats return with nets full of the day’s catch.

Fishermen in Canoa Ecuador
Local fishermen bring in the day’s catch.

Canoa is also home to a growing expat community, as more and more travelers discover its charm and decide it is a place they just might like to stay for a while. Many hostels and adventure companies in town are owned and operated by expats and you can find anything from hamburgers to microbrews to yoga classes and English-language trivia night in town.

If you crave adventure, Canoa offers kilometers of sandy, uncrowded beach break to practice your surf skills. Several local providers offer surf lessions and board rentals. Peak surf season is from November to March, but beginning surfers will find plenty to practice on year-round. Canoa is also gaining a reputation as a center for paragliding on Ecuador’s coast, and you can enjoy soaring high above the beach and cliffs in tandem with local guides.

Canoa, Ecuador Fast Facts:

Canoa Ecuador FlowerCanoa Weather and Climate

On the coast, the wet season is from December to May. Days are warm and sunny with daily afternoon downpours. This is actually the best beach weather. Dry season, from June to December, is usually cooler and more overcast.

Canoa Ecuador FlowerCanoa Surf Season

Canoa’s best waves come during November to March, although there is surfable beach break year-round.

Canoa Ecuador FlowerCanoa Tourist Season

Mid-December – January and June-August

Canoa, Ecuador Traveler and Safety Information

We’re sure you will have a wonderful time visiting our community of Canoa. Here are some practical tips to ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

Ecuador uses the US dollar as its official currency. Canoa has an ATM machine accepts national credit cards, for international cards you will have to travel to nearby Bahia de Caraquez. Try to break your $20 bills and carry small change; most stores and stands in Canoa have difficulty breaking large bills.

Canoa has a public health clinic and three farmacies. You will find a full-service hospital in Bahia de Caraquez. Dengue Fever and Malaria are not common but it is possible to contract them; we recommend wearing long pants and sleeves at night and wearing insect repellent. Canoa’s sun is strong, be sure to wear ample sun protection when you are on the beach. Drink only bottled drinking water and be weary of eating raw, uncooked foods in local restaurants.

Canoa is relatively safe but petty theft is an issue. Do not leave valuables on the beach. Canoa is a small town and it is never necessary to leave your room with more than a few dollars. We strongly recommend leaving wallets, credit cards, and IDs in your room. The hotel is monitored 24 hours a day for safety and locked at night. All guests must register and non-registered visitors are not allowed on hotel premises.

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