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How To Get To Hotel Rutamar From Canoa
How To Get To Canoa From Bahía de Caráquez
Getting To Canoa From Montanita or Puerto Lopez
How To Get To Canoa By Plane From Quito
How To Get To Canoa By Bus From Guayaquil

How To Get To Canoa From Quito Ecuador By Bus With Reina del Camino

How To Get To Canoa From Quito by Bus

The trip can be made during the day or night, by regular or executive service. The executive (ejecutiva) services (more specifically, the Reina del Camino executive services) are more comfortable and safer than the regular services, cost only $1-2 more and are well worth it. Security is very high on these buses and you will be frisked before getting on, therefore you are not usually allowed to take day packs on the bus but can take on a small bag of essentials, which will be searched. The executiva also make fewer stops so they will get you to your destination faster.

The journey from Quito is between 7-9 hours to Bahía or Canoa, depending on the type of service, destination, and departure time (regular services, day buses and buses to Canoa usually take longer). There are two options:

Option 1 – The only company that travels direct Quito to Bahía is called Reina del Camino. There are two ejecutiva services per day, leaving Quito at 12 noon and 11.00 pm (from the #2 terminal, see below). The day service passes through Quitumbe (#1) at 1 pm, while the night service goes directly out of Quito. The regular services are at 10.30 am and 11.30 pm, from the #1 terminal only.

Option 2 – Take the Reina del Camino “Servicio Especial” executive bus directly to Canoa. This bus leaves from the #2 terminal at 10.30 pm and then passes through the #1 terminal at 11.45 pm.

In Quito, the Reina del Camino buses leave from 2 terminals:
1. Quitumbe (one of the new main bus stations in Quito – Carcelén is the bus station in the far north and Quitumbe in the south)
2. Avenida 18 de Septiembre and Manuel Larrea in the new town in the Mariscal area (very close to the main junction of Avenida Patria and 10 de Agosto)

The only services that leave from terminal #2 are the executives.

Be careful with your belongings at all times at bus stations – don’t be distracted!
Remember to take a sweater with you on the bus as the air conditioning can get very cold, and try to get a seat on the right hand side if traveling from Quito by day; the view is much better.

Traveling to Canoa From Guayaquil by Bus

How To Get To Canoa From Guayaquil by Bus

You will need to get the bus from the main bus station called the terrestre terminal, located close to the airport. The trip to Bahía de Caráquez takes 5-6 hours; directly to Canoa is an additional hour or two. There are multiple services from Guayaquil to Bahía or Canoa, although we recommend either Coactur Manabí or Reina del Camino (again, the Reina del Camino executive services are usually the most secure). The Coactur runs every half hour to Bahía, from 4.30 am until 5.30 pm, and the majority of these are executive buses. Reina del Camino buses leave Guayaquil at 8.00 am, 9.45 am, 11.25 am, 12.25 pm, 2.20 pm, 4.40 pm, 7.00 pm, and 11.00 pm; all of these are executives. There are also two buses with the Coactur company that leave daily to Perdenales. These buses do not stop in Bahía and will drop you off directly in Canoa. The coast is $7-8 and the trip takes 7-8 hours.

Bus schedules and routes can change at any time. You may want to visit the terrestre terminal in advance to verify bus schedules and routes.

To arrive directly to Canoa, we recommend the Reina del Camino “Servicio Especial”, departing Guayaquil at 12.30 am and 1.50pm. You can also take the Coactur directly to Canoa via buses destined for Pedernales. They leave at 3.40am, 5.15am, 6.25am, 7am, 10am, 12.15pm y 12pm. If you would like to make the trip at other times of the day, there are shorter distance buses (usually regular services), running every half hour from Guayaquil to Portoviejo, Portoviejo to San Vicente, and San Vicente to Pedernales; however we recommend the direct services because they do not involve changing buses, especially if you are traveling with luggage. If you are on a bus destined for Pedernales, keep in mind that there is no bus station in Canoa therefore buses pass through quickly, stopping just long enough to let passengers on or off. Canoa is the next town after San Vicente, about 20 km further north. If you aren’t sure, you should ask the bus attendant to let you know when you get to Canoa. The Reina del Camino “Servicio Especial” is destined for Canoa, so there should be no confusion about when to get off.

As in Quito, be careful with your belongings at all times.

Getting to Canoa by Plane

There are flights from Quito to Manta and Portoviejo; check with any travel agent for schedules as they often change. If you fly into Manta or Portoviejo, you can take either a bus or taxi to Bahía de Caráquez.

From Manta: The taxi will be 1.5 hours, and costs $30. The bus takes 3-31/2 hours, costs $3.00, and you must take a bus to Portoviejo first and then change for one to Bahía.

From Portoviejo: The taxi will be 1.5 hours, and costs $30. The bus takes 2 hours, and costs $2.00. (Though this seems odd, these times are correct!) From Portoviejo, there are buses direct to Bahía: both Reina and Coactur offer frequent service (buses departing every half hour, from 4.30 am until 7.30 pm) between Portoviejo and Bahía. To Canoa, we recommend getting a bus to Bahia and then crossing the bay by boat to catch another bus in San Vicente. You can also take the Coactur bus in Portoviejo to Perdenales, which will drop you off in Canoa, so you don’t have to go to Bahía. For this option, this is only available a couple times of day, which will be later in the afternoon.

Note: There are no flights from Guayaquil to Manta or Portoviejo

Getting To Canoa From Montanita or Puerto Lopez

To travel to Bahia, you DO NOT need to go to Manta. It will take you about 3 hours longer to do this. Get a bus to Jipijapa, then Portoviejo, then Bahia

Getting To Canoa From Bahia

Getting to Canoa From Bahía de Caráquez

You may decide to stay in Bahía before coming to Canoa, especially if arriving at night. Bahía is a small, relatively safe town, but it’s still best to have your destination in mind and take a cab or triciclo (bicycle taxi) there if arriving late at night or early morning. The bus station is about 800m from the office, (although soon to be moved 2km out of town in which case catch a taxi or a local bus). Come to the office of Guacamayo Tours en Avenida Bolívar which is the main street which runs north-south through the city, and is easy to identify by the banks Guayaquil and Pichincha, which are one and two blocks (respectively) south of the Guacamayo office. If you have a lot of luggage, it may be a good idea to take a triciclo ($0.50) to the address, which is an easy and enjoyable way to see some of the city – The taxis also know the addresses of the hostels, and can take you there safely.
If you do travel on the day executive from Quito, you will arrive late and the office will be closed.

To get to Canoa from Bahía, you can get the passenger boat from the wharf (muelle) to San Vicente for $0.30 and then you can get a $5 taxi or a local or provincial bus. The taxi stands are opposite the opening to the muelle, while the local Canoa – San Vicente shuttle bus comes every half hour to a stop 150m to the left as you exit. Alternatively since the opening of the bridge it is easy to just get a taxi from Bahjia ($2) and then onto Canoa ($5), or take a single taxi all the way. The provincial buses, leave every hour from one block past the next roundabout (to the left as you exit, across the street and about five blocks down 400m). Both buses cost $0.50 to Canoa, and will let you off at the corner by the panadería/cyber , from where it is a short walk towards the beach to Hostal Rutamar. If you are coming from the north, get off the Coactur bus at the same corner in Canoa (2 hours south of Pedernales).

How To Arrive To Hostal Rutamar Once in Canoa

How To Get To Hotel Rutamar in Canoa Ecuador
Although Canoa is generally safe, it’s best not to arrive late at night. Canoa is significantly smaller than Bahía and there is no taxi service in town, and likely will not be anyone around to give directions in the middle of the night. If you do happen to arrive by bus after dark, and you have a phone, call us when you arrive and we will come and meet you. Please advice us in advance of your intended arrival time so we can expect your call.

The “parquedero” is a large open sand lot area. The gas station is a good landmark for finding Hotel Rutamar. If you want to find it from the “malecón”, which is a sand road where most of the bars and restaurants are located along the beach, then turn up the road next to the Hostal Canoamar, which is a paved road. Cross the first street, and you will see a large open fenced lot on both sides. Turn right at the next street. Hostal Rutamar is the first building on your right (3 stories tall).

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