Meet the Owner

Playa Canoa Surf EcuadorMy name is Javier Patino and I’m the owner of Hotel Rutamar in Canoa Ecuador. By trade I am an electrical engineer, having graduated from the School of Engineering in Denmark. For about 10 years I lived in Denmark, and while there, I decided to buy land in Canoa to build a house closer to my beloved family.

I bought the land because I love the beach, and most of all because the beach in Canoa is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the climate is nice throughout the year.

Due to the economic crisis in Europe, I returned to Ecuador to work for a small company that sells and installs renewable energy products in Ecuador. While working for that company, I decided to build the hotel/hostal in Canoa. At that time, I began to draw up, and bring my ideas to reality with the construction of the hotel. My main idea was to build using a variety of wood from the area, with the help of local residents in Canoa. And with their help a work of art near the beach on the Pacific was created. The hotel was designed and built by myself, having learned construction and carpentry growing up on the family farm and helping my father build things.

Now I live in Canoa, continuing to add more details to the hotel as well as running the day to day operations. Besides that I continue to promote renewable energies as an installer of solar panels.

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